Opening Hours

7th September, 2015

Gallery Opening hours from September:
Back to 7 days a week for us 11-5pm.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Remember we have Sublime Coffee to take out.



Topp Country TVNZ One

21st August, 2015

Topp Country
The Topp Twins return to TVNZ One Sunday August 30th at 8.00pm
will feature a Michael MacMillan French Oak Platter piled high
with lots of local goodies.

Gallery Winter Hours

18th June, 2015

Greetings from The Michael MacMillan Sculptor & Country Homeware Gallery
It’s that time of the year, when the days are short and cooler
and we are busy getting creative.
The Gallery winter hours are: open all of June 11-4pm Monday-friday.
We will be shutting the doors for July for our first break
in a very long while.
Back again in August 7 days 11-5pm.
Remember we have Gift Vouchers on our website
and you can shop online 24/7.
Keep warm and cosy this winter.


NZ House & Garden June 2015

25th May, 2015

NZ House and Garden June 2015.
Page 76-78 Features Michael MacMillan’s French Oak Platter
in the gorgeous home of Russell & Jan Webley. 
Great to see and Thanks Russell & Jan for the mention.


Sculpture On Show – March 2015

10th March, 2015

Local lives - MacMillan